Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Sangam II - Didsbury

T 0161 446 1155
A 762 Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2DR


  1. The lamb here was inedible, as tough as an old car tyre. On complaining, the very cocky waiters just shrugged their shoulders. In this huge restaurant, everyone one gets crammed into the same little corner, shoulder to shoulder - for the staffs' convenience. Cutlery was chucked haphazardly onto the table - Truly Appalling service, Gordon Ramsey would have a field day here !

  2. The original and probably best Sangam is in Heald Green. Located next to a bathroom shop, with an unassuming facade, one could be forgiven for affirming that this was a run of the mill curry house. Not by me though. I wouldn't forgive them. I couldn't. My loyalty to Sangam is deep seated and has been accumulated over many months, not to many many madrases. Try saying that after a few Cobra shandies.

    With staff more cordial than orange squash and a consistently superb array of curried dishes, the Sangam is a monthly must in our house. "I want something nice" the Mrs would say. After brief deliberations regarding carveries and maybe even an Italian, the conversation always turns to Sangam.

    With ample parking at the rear and a restaurant to seat, I dunno, loads, it's a wonder you curry connoisseurs have yet to make the trip. I suggest, nay demand your tastebuds make a trip there at the earliest convenience. The £9.90 three course meal is a steal. A steal meal. That's what they should call it. The Sangam Steal Meal.

    With more poppadums (spelt here as papadams) than one could shake a stick at, great food and staff whose levels of attentiveness know no bounds, a trip to Sangam promises to be a night to remember. Especially if the Neil Diamond tribute act is on.

    Please report back with your findings as soon as possible.

    Fondest Regards
    The Cale Green Curryista.

  3. A very professional review above - this is at considerable odds with my experience of churlish staff and poor service and crowded dining even when there aren't many punters in. As 'anonymous' above suggests, probably for the convenience of the staff. On my last occasion our complaint about slow service was met with a shrug and the comment that they were short staffed. I can understand that, but the seated us without telling us this and the attitude was indeed cocky. On another occasion we suffered because we were seated next to a group of four women off on a girlie night out. They stank of cheap perfume and obliterated our olfactory and gustatory nerve-endings before we were able to eat. Not the restaurants fault, I admit, but its policy of close seating didn't help. As for a Neil Diamond tribute act, this is another reason for avoiding the place (especially as the price is considerably more than the £9.90 3 course meal cited above). Oh, and one more thing - the original Sangam is on the Curry Mile on Wilmslow Road, Manchester.


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