Sunday, 8 June 2008

Food chains export Indian palate

International food chain companies like McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Papa John's are exporting Indian menu to the world markets.

McDonalds' Pizza Mc Puff and Aaloo Tikki burger and Pizza Hut's Tandoori Chicken Pizza are part of the Indian menu of international food chains that's making the world bite into it.

International food chain companies like McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Papa John's customised their menu for the Indian market and after wooing the Indian taste buds, they are now taking this Indian menu to storm the world.

Papa John's developed the Chicken Tikka Pizza in India and is exporting it now to the middle eastern markets boosting revenues of stores abroad.

''Papa's Chicken Tikka Pizza, which the operators of Papa John's in the middle east exported from India and launched with great fanfare, is a huge hit in the middle east. It is adding half a million every month in the sales of 50 restaurant operators in middle east,'' says Tapan Vaidya, GM, JIP India.

Pizza Hut is another food chain company that is exporting its Indian customised Tandoori Chicken Makhani and Tandoori Paneer Makhani Pizza to US, UK and Caribbean markets.

''They had a fabulous run over there. About 5 per cent of the sales - that's what I am told - was really coming from the Indian recipes that were exported to the US and UK,'' says Anup Jain, MD, Pizza Hut.

McDonalds in fact started their entire vegetarian food menu for the Indian market, but some items like Aalo Tikki Burger, Pizza Mc Puff and Mc Veggie became instant hits for exports. McDonalds India is currently exporting three million units of these products combined to European and middle eastern markets. The company is expecting to double the exports to six million by 2013. McDonalds also says that its Indian suppliers are able to pick up bigger margins from exports.

International food chain companies are constantly customising the menu and looking for exports from India. Pizza Hut recently launched Ringo Garlic Pizza, which is soon going to be exported to US, UK and Korea. Subway is also looking to export its Chicken Tikka sub.

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