Monday, 17 October 2011

Raja - Cheadle

T 0161 428 3848
A 2A Gatley Road, Cheadle, SK8 1PY


  1. nice restaurant, great food

  2. Excellent first class restaurant probably the best in the cheadle. the decor was 5 star and the food was excellent, would recommend to anyone!!!

  3. Exquisite meals, beautiful decor, friendly waiters, there's nothing bad... love the resturant. Occasionally go there, amazing food, go try out :)

  4. great food but i and many others that have visited all say the the head waiter i s a real misery to the point of being quit rude, on one visit he forgot one of the main dishes for one of our party, on another occasion brought the mains 15 mins apart so some had finished before some had even got their meal, they also so push you to drink , as soon as you have taken a few sips of your wine they trot round and try to empty the bottle into your glass - i hate that

  5. average food - agree with last comment the head waiter is grumpy

  6. this was one of my best christmas dinner of my life, all of my family enjoyed it even myself, we ll be booking there again for next christmas xxx

  7. Had a really bad meal here, manager refused to refund our money, very rude ans arrogant.

    Alan Gibson

  8. they got really tasty dish, lamb podina is my favourite, will be goin there again and again yummy

    michael haligan


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